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The Birthright

Jacob - A Contender's Story

An Audio Musical Comedy

based on the life of Bible hero Jacob.

© 2023 MF Jackson

The Birthright is an audio musical comedy based on the life of Bible patriarch Jacob, (Joseph's Father). Jacob lies, cheats and steals in order to claim his older brother's inheritance. But when a con goes wrong Jacob finds himself on the receiving end and gets a taste of his own medicine. Jacob will learn the futility in stealing an inheritance he cannot keep and discover a birthright he cannot lose.

A word from MF Jackson (Writer and Producer)

Hi, 'The Birthright' came out of a Lockdown project I put together after my daughter's experience in the Westend cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'School of Rock.' Inspired to have a go myself I put together a few songs. a few songs became fifteen and a script soon followed. With the help of some amazing actors, musicians and family members, 'The Birthright' is here!

Jacob is unlike any other 'hero' you can find in the Bible. He's not particuarly pious, he gets away with far too much but also gets punished for doing the right thing! In many ways he's just like us. I hope you enjoy the show, but more than that I hope 'The Birthright' will leave you with questions. Questions about the blessings we have and the scars we carry to keep them.

Mick F Jackson

Malcolm Strafford Laban

Jane Edevane


Georgie Talbot Rebecca

Kate Strafford


Seren Jackson Angel

Pauline Jackson


John Keef


Nick Osborne


John Talbot


Thanks to;

Richard Bastock - Guitar solos

Aidan Jackson - Drums, Percussion

Recorded @ The Conservatory

SW London


Deal With The Moon

Jacob is Calling

What Lies Ahead

Married to a Man on the Run guitar solo

He's a Sensitive Boy

The Birthright

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The story of Jacob covers a whole range of issues we face today.

If you would like to dig a little deeper, or ask a question then get in touch. Or if you are interested in helping us get 'The Birthright' onto the stage then drop us a line.

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© 2023 MF Jackson